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PPC is a type of digital marketing where you pay each time a user clicks on one of your ads.

PPC ads in Google Search for "Plumbers Phoenix"

See the listings at the top marked “Ad or Sponsored”? Those are PPC search ads .

Where do you find PPC ads? You can see them in a variety of places, including:

  • Facebook and other social media platforms
  • Website Banner
  • YouTube Video
  • Amazon Marketplace
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    Importance of Pay-per-Click campaign?

    PPC can help your business attract new customers and grow it exponentially. Pay-per-click campaign can make your brand visible to specific audiences.

    What makes Pay-per-Click advertising hard to ignore

    1. They offer Highly Effective Consumer Targeting

    2. You can reach highly specific audiences in a specific geographical area, It can help you speak to the right people without wasting your time and money.

    Integrate PPC for Fast Results

    You can start driving traffic from Google Adwords the very same day you kick-off your campaign. It can deliver results quicker than search engine optimization (SEO).

    SEO can take a lot of time as compared to Pay-per-Click to start driving results.

    You should decide in advance how much you want to spend in Pay-per-Click campaign.

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    Want to know how many clicks and conversions your ads have generated?

    You can easily gain (Free) Brand Awareness Yes, Google Adwords can help you generate not only clicks and conversions But also good brand equity.

    Google Adword and SEO complement each other. You can capture more digital real estate by running Pay-per-Click and SEO together. This combination is highly likely to drive more traffic and sales overall.

    PPC vs. SEO

    SEO and PPC both are effective online marketing channels small-medium businesses can use to drive traffic.

    SEO can help your website rank higher in organic search engine results. And drive more traffic.

    You must incorporate SEO and PPC both into your digital marketing campaign to drive success online.

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