Display advertising marketing

Display Advertising

What Is Display Advertising?

Display advertising can help businesses of all sizes visually showcase their brand or product on various online platforms.

It is primarily used to encourage users to take specific actions. Such as clicking to visit a landing page, filling out a form, or making a purchase.

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Have a look at an example of display ad:

Display advertising let you include mix of text, images, and videos to get your message across.

You can scale it as per your needs.

You can easily customize your display ads to focus on a niche market based on what they like and who they are.

Display Ads vs. Search Ads

Display ads appear online when users are scrolling through a wide range of websites based on users’ interests.

On the contrary, Google ads show up on the target user's device when they look for products, services, or information similar to what you offer. They appear based on users’ search queries.

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Here’s an example of search ads:

Display ads are primarily used to nurture long-term brand recognition. You can use search ads to increase conversions.

Display ads are different from search ads:

Return on Investment (ROI) on Display Advertising

It improves Brand Visibility Call us today to implement a display advertising matrix in your digital marketing campaign and place your brand in front of a large audience.

This can help you increase brand awareness

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Targeted Reach

Businesses now can target specific demographics, locations, and behaviors.

This can let you focus your advertising efforts on audiences most likely to convert. We can place your brand, products and services where it counts the most.

Engaging Creatives

Our display advertising experts at Phoenix SEO Clinic can create a wide range of creative formats—from simple text and images to audio-video ad.

Let our Display Advertising experts help you to capture your audience’s attention towards your brand, product and services in a way that resonates with them.

They can make your brand memorable by using a combination of creative formats i.e. a short video clip or an interactive quiz etc.

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Cost Effective

Our efficient targeting makes display ads relatively affordable and reliable for Small-medium businesses.

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